Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Theology of Infant Salvation by R. A. Webb


The Theology of Infant Salvation by R. A. Webb

I have desired to read this book for a long time. I listened to a series of lectures years ago by James D. Gables from Mt Olive Tape Library. A blurb was written in the tape listings showing the lectures were based on a book by R.A. Webb.

The tape library has now moved on in technology and changed to mp3 format. Most of the titles can be downloaded on Sermon Audio.  The library was pretty neat. It was and still is a gold mine of reformed teaching. The 75 lectures from Curt Daniel on the History and Theology of Calvinism are worth their weight in gold.

The library would send you 10 to 12 tapes to borrow for only the cost of shipping media mail and any donation. It was and is such a great ministry. I listened to hundreds of hours of great biblical teaching.

Now back to the book. 

A while back, my wife gave me a gift card for Amazon. This was the book I purchased. So far it is great.

What happens to babies when they die? Most would agree that they go to heaven, but that is not real question. The real question is "Which theology gives the best representation of the biblical view?"

Do babies go to heaven because they are sinless or do they go to heaven in spite of being born in sin? As I read through this book I will sort out some of these answers as I hope to blog on each chapter.

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