Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon by Dr. Steven Lawson


C.H. Spurgeon - The prince of preachers!

Spurgeon is probably the most quoted preacher in history, not including the Biblical authors. There is a reason he is quoted so much, the gospel he preached was the same gospel Jesus and Paul preached. Spurgeon was not shy. He preached with a boldness that we should take note of today.

I really enjoyed this book. It goes through the Gospel and shows how Spurgeon preached the bible without covering up some of the more controversial aspects of the word. I think the strength of this book is Dr. Lawson shows the balance Spurgeon had. He had balance, not compromise. There is a difference. With balance, a preacher preaches different doctrines and shows how they compliment each other. Compromise hides whole or parts of a doctrine that may not be pleasing to our hearers, while stressing another doctrine that is more pleasing.

Spurgeon preached both "mans responsibility" and "God's sovereignty". He preached Christ and Him crucified. He preached the Bible as the inspired word of God. He preached the Holy Spirit. He preached Evangelism. He was a well rounded minister - in more ways than one. (he was also very large)

Dr. Lawson puts together some great quotes. This book reminds me a lot of "The Forgotten Spurgeon" by Iain Murray. In fact, he dedicates this book to Murray. It is a great read and a great addition to any study of Spurgeon.

I highly recommend this book!

*This book was provided free from Reformed Trust in exchange for a fair review.

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