Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review: The Judge - Randy Singer

This is the first novel I have read by Randy Singer. I own more than one, but have never read any until now.

This book is a great read. He writes with a simplicity that helps you understand deep plots.
The book is about a terminally ill Judge who enters a reality show. The show consists of representatives of different faiths debating which religion is true. The last one standing will win money for charity, but will also win people to their religion.

When the Judge gets to the island where the show is filmed, things aren't what they seem. A conspiracy is uncovered and the Judge has to use encrypted messages to speak to the outside world.

Singer does a terrific job explaining cryptology. The characters feel real, and he makes you care about them. It is not only a novel, but has many elements of Apologetics. It would be a good book to give to a non-believer. The arguments for Christianity are presented very well.

I highly recommend this book and will read more from this author.

What makes Christianity true and other religions false?

Facts. All but one disciple was killed because of his belief in the resurrection of Jesus. Would all of them die for what they knew was a lie? I can understand if someone died because they were deceived into believing a lie, but these would not be the “deceived”, they would have been the “deceivers”. People deceive others to gain something - money, fame, power, etc. They want to stay alive to enjoy those things that have deceived for.

I could understand one person dying for a lie, but 12? At least one would have “fessed” up.

Is there a God?

It has become hilarious how many dumb arguments have come from intelligent men and women just to disprove God.

Hitchens, Dawkins, and the rest, try to use Christians to disprove God. How could God be real if so many people have died in the past because of Christianity? Does that prove there is no God because people are bad Christians? No, in fact, the atheist’s arguments prove the opposite. The bible says were are all depraved and need a savior. If Christians were perfect then the Bible would be wrong.

If atheists believe there is no God, why are they so mad at Him? They are not mad that people are deceived into believing in God, they are mad at God Himself.

There is a group of people who still believe the earth is flat, but you do not hear atheist screaming at the top of their lungs to stop this deception. People believe all kinds of dumb things, but atheists are not angry about those. They are only upset when people believe in the only thing they despise – God.

*This book was provided free by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review


  1. Well, atheists will tell you that flat earth people don't go around doing Inquisitions and Witch Hunts. Oh the millions of lives lost! That's why Christianity must be abolished.

    Actually, in 400 years of the Inquisition 2,000 people died. Roughly five per year. During the Salem Witch Hunts, 19 people lost their lives.

    That's 2019 more than should have been killed, but still . . .

    1. Great comment. I agree that those people should not have died and believe what happened in the past was an awful sin. Whether it was 2019 or millions, it was a terrible tragedy.

      Millions more people have been killed in atheist societies than so-called Christian. If we use the same logic as the atheist, atheism must be abolished for the good of the world. Over 40 million people were killed by Atheist societies. Hitler Kill over 3 million. Stalin had 10 million people killed.

      That argument also goes back to blaming God because of depraved people. That is still not an argument against God. It is just an argument against hypocritical Christians. I have not heard of any Christians killing people today. Other religions like Islam do, but not Christians.