Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: Richard D. Phillips - What's so Great about the Doctrines of Grace

What are the doctrines of grace and what makes them great.
I remember when I first came to the realized that predestination was in the bible. While reading an A.W. Pink book, I told a friend - can you believe Pink says God is in control of everything, even the smallest flea? My friend relied - And you don't!?!

That was a great awakening. I realized my theology was more man-centered than God-centered. Seeing the doctrines of grace for the first time was like being born again, again.

Who is in control of the universe - God or man?

This book takes the reader through each of the five points of Calvinism. Using the letters in the word TULIP, Phillips show how scripture agrees with each point.

This is actually the second time I have read this book. I purchased it on the kindle around a year ago then wanted to reread it for my blog.

This is a good book to give those who have either, not heard the doctrines of grace or have questions.

It is not a deep theological book, but it is not shallow either. He writes in a very plain and simple way. He is able to take some deep truths and make them accessible to a new believer.

When we understand what the sovereignty of God really is, the whole world looks different. We see life with much more meaning. We are humbled knowing - it is not about me. It is about God and His glory.

I recommend this book to new and old believers alike. If you think you know what the bible teaches concerning God's sovereignty, read this book. It may change you mind.

*This book was provided free by Reformed Trust Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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