Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Review: The Truth of the Cross - R. C. Sproul


Book Review: The Truth of the Cross - R. C. Sproul

The Glory of the Cross

Over the years, R.C. Sproul has written some great books. This book is no exception. In fact, I believe this is one of his top five.

In this book, he demonstrates how the cross is essential to the gospel. Packed full of illustrations, he takes a deep subject and makes it understandable to the average reader.

Many people throughout history, held to only one theory of the cross (ransom, victor, substitution, etc.), but Sproul brings them all together to show that the cross includes aspects of each. He also corrects the misinterpretation many people have concerning these theories.

I love theology, not for any intellectual reason, but because it brings together all the aspects of God and the Bible. When studying God and His word, the pieces fit together perfect to form something man could never have contrived. The study of the theology of the cross strengthens my faith. When you see the multi-faceted aspects of the cross and how those pieces fit together, your faith is strengthened. There is even an apologetical aspect to it. No man could have made up the gospel. We would and have created a religion of works salvation, not of substitution and redemption.

Here is the dilemma and solution:

*Man has rebelled against God and is in sin.
*A just God “must” punish that sin.
*Man must pay for his sin, but can only pay through punishment in Hell.
*God himself provided the payment – He is Just and Justifier.

I found myself devouring this book. It is also on my list of books to reread. It is an excellent book to give to young believers, so they may understand what was accomplished on the cross, in their behalf.

I highly recommend this book!

*This book was provided free from Reformed Trust in exchange for a fair review.

God Bless,

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