Saturday, August 25, 2012

Book Review: The Deposit Slip - Todd M. Johnson Grisham, move over!
This is Todd Johnson's first novel. You could never tell it. As a legal Thriller, it reads like a movie.

The story starts out with Erin Larson. Her father has died. As she is going through his safety deposit box, she finds a deposit slip showing that her father placed 10 million dollars in a local bank.

The bank then claims there is no record of the deposit. That is where the main character, Jared Neaton, comes in. As a lawyer, he has to investigate all the facts, to what seems to be a conspiracy, and win the case for his client.

Jared is thwarted at every turn. He is already in financial trouble because of a previous case. If he loses the case, he not only loses his fees, but has to pay the lawyers fees for the bank also. The fees add up to almost 1 million dollars. If he loses he goes bankrupt.

The story keeps you guessing all the way till the end:

Where did the money come from?
What happened to it?
Is the bank lying?

This is a great read! I have read John Grisham and feel that Johnson is just as good. I look forward to future novels from Todd Johnson.

*This book was provided free by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review

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