Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Review: Kay Arthur - Fatal Distractions

I have read Kay Arthur for years. I do not always agree with every nuance of her theology, but

she has ignited many people with a love for studying the word of God.

This is not a regular book. It is a study guide. The is written for a study group in mind. As a

six week course packed full of discussion questions, it will start any group talking. I read it

as an individual and still gained a lot.

Each week focuses on a sin that most people deal with almost everyday.

Week One: Pride

When we think of ourselves more highly than we should. How many times have I cut others down?

Week Two: Anger

How many times have I blown up in a situation and hurt others and God.

Week Three: Jealousy

Why did they get that promotion? How did they buy that new car or house?

Week Four: Gluttony

Man, I love those Krispy Kreams

Week Five: Slothfulness

Just one more hour of sleep.

Week Six: Greed

What I could do with 1 Million dollars?

This book really makes you think. It is very convicting. Who of us have not fought one or more of

these sins.

Each chapter has multiple quotes from scripture that illustrates or speaks about the sin you are

studying about that week. It also shows you what do do to overcome those sins.

Some of these chapters really stepped on my toes.

It is a very short read, but keeps you moving forward.

I recommend this book!

*This book was given free of charge by waterbrookmultnomah in exchange for an honest review.

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