Saturday, February 16, 2013

Book Review: Iain M. Duguid - Is Jesus in the Old Testament

Is the Old Testament relevant today? Are we not to look to the New Testament for our doctrine? These are the answers Duguid will bring us in this small book.

Most people use the Old Testament for moral stories to teach us how to live. Sermons like, "Do you have a Goliath in your life?" or "Do you have financial walls that need to be torn down?" Most of these are good subjects for a sermon, but we are using the wrong text of scripture.

The Old testament is about the coming of the Messiah Jesus. Jesus said more than one time that the OT scriptures were about him. We are not to allegorize every story or see Christ in every object, but the whole Bible concerns His coming to earth to pay the penalty for sin.

Duguid shows us how we are to find Christ in the OT. We are to read the scriptures in the same way they were written. The writer conveyed a message and it is our job to interpret it in the light of what he meant. We are not to read it to find a scripture to help for us in our everyday life, if that is not the original intent. There are verses written specifically to teach us how to live. We do not have to allegorize a story to come up with the same thing.

The was a short but very good book. I would love to see a larger volume on the same subject. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the relationship between the Testaments.

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

*I received this book free of charge from P & R Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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