Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review: - Ron Rhodes - The Little Book About God will be reviewing at least three books in this series. I started with this one hoping to get a feel of what the rest will be like. If they are all like this one, they will be very good reads. There will be some overlap in my reviews. This is so those who see a review for one book, will get a similar general overview of the format the whole series takes.

Years ago I had read a few books by Ron Rhodes and knew he usually writes with very little fluff added. He was frequently a guest on the “Bible Answer Man” and may still be. I have not heard the show in a good while.

This book is a good summary of the doctrine it explores. In this case the doctrine is “God”. The book is set up to be read through with a bible in hand. He shares an attribute, tells what it means, gives scripture proofs, and a quote from a Theologian or minister. The quotes are not always from those in the Reformed faith, but that is OK.

After finishing it, it will be a great reference tool in the future. There are 28 chapters. Each chapter has 2 pages that contain the following sections (my explanations added):

The Big Idea - The doctrine we are studying
What you need to Know - Explanation of doctrine & scriptural support
Verses to contemplate - List of important scriptures
Fast Facts - Facts concerning the subject
Truths that Transform - a conclusion of all the information provided
A Quote to Ponder – a short quote from a theologian of minister.

Here is a list of chapters:

1.Reasons to Believe in God
2.God Is a Revealer
3.God Is Triune
4.God the Father
5.God the Son
6.God the Holy Spirit
7.The Living God
8.God Is a Spirit
9.God Is Personal and Relational
10.God Is with Us
11.God Is High Above Us
12.God Has Many Names
13.God Is Self-Existent
14.God Is Eternal
15 God Is Everywhere-Present
16.God Is All-Powerful
17.God Is All-Knowing
18.God Is Sovereign
19.God Is a Planner
20.God Is Holy
21.God Is True
22.God Is Righteous and Just
23.God Is Loving and Gracious
24.God Is Merciful
25.God Is Unchanging
26.God Is Glorious
27.The Worship of God
28.Face to Face with God
Postscript: God and His Promises

I am not sure how many books are going to be in the collection but it would be great if there was a book for each major doctrine of the Bible.

I liked this book and am looking forward to more in this series. I will keep it ready for reference when I need to look up a doctrine quickly. I also believe it would be a great gift for those who are new in the faith, so that they can get an orthodox view of the doctrine of God.

I highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

I received this book free of charge from Harvest House Publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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