Sunday, May 5, 2013

Book Review: Ron Rhodes - The Little Book about Heaven will be reviewing at least three books in this series. This is the third I have read and they have been very good reads. There will be some overlap in my reviews. This is so those who see a review for one book will get a general overview of the format the whole series takes.

This book in the series takes us through the doctrine of heaven.

Life is short. We need to think about what happens after death. Today people think everyone is going to heaven. Rhodes takes us through the bible and shows us the truth concerning our eternal destination.

Where is heaven?
What is it like?
Who will be there?
Who will not be there?

These and many other questions are answered in this book.

He takes a dispensational (pre-trib) view, which I strongly disagree with. Also the section about pets is pure speculation. God would have to glorify their bodies just like believers. What would it be like to have all the pets I had during my life in heaven with me? There is one Chihuahua that I would rather not see :) Other than those few things, there is some good info to be found in this small volume.

There are 28 chapters, each discussing different aspects of the doctrines of heaven.

Here is also a list of chapters:

Introduction . 4
1.There Are Three Heavens 6
2.Life on Earth Is Short . 8
3.We All Experience Death . 10
4.The Intermediate State Follows Death 12
5.The Rapture Is Imminent . 14
6.We Will All Receive Body Upgrades 16
7.We Will All Face Judgment 18
8.Heaven Is a Physical Place . 20
9.Heaven Has a Real Location 22
10.Heaven Is Paradise 24
11.A Heavenly Country Awaits Us 26
12.Heaven Has Many Occupants . 28
13.We Will Enjoy a Glorious Reunion 30
14.We Will Enjoy Communion with God 32
15.We Will Enjoy Communion with Angels 34
16.We Will Eat Food in Heaven . 36
17.Infants Who Die Are in Heaven 38
18.Our Pets Might Be in Heaven 40
19.There Is Time in Eternal Heaven 42
20.We Will Live in New Heavens and a New Earth 44
21.We Will Dwell in the New Jerusalem 46
22.A Famous River and Tree Await Us 48
23.We Will Enjoy Many Activities in Heaven 50
24.There Will Be No More Sin in Heaven 52
25.Satan Will Be Banned from Heaven . . . . . . . . . . .54
26.There Will Be No More Death in Heaven . 56
27.Many Things Will Be Absent in Heaven . 58
28.he Holy Spirit Is Our Heavenly Deposit . 60
Postscript: Let’s Anticipate Heaven . 62
Bibliography . 63

Like the other two books, it makes for a good reference tool.

There are some great quotes at the end of each chapter.

I will keep this book handy to look up those verses I need when speaking about heaven. It is good for preparations for Sunday School or teaching.

There is also a great Bibliography at the end for farther reading.

I recommend it, with a caution on the Dispensationalism, and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I received this book free of charge from Harvest House Publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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